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Global Gutz Race-San Francisco and Worldwide

June 25, 2010

Chas won the Global Gutz SF race, followed by Steve, Roddy, and Justin.  Murder took 3 spots out of top 4!! It was a horrible windy day in San Francisco for this race, but everyone had a good time.

SF Results:

1. Chas 37:24
2. Steve “Baby” Murder 37:25
3. Josh Roddy 40:30
4. Justin 40:31
5. Sam 40:32
6. Sardine 41:00
7. Trailor 43:49
8. Jeremiah  43:49
9. Katie 43:55 (1st female)
10. Danny 43:58
11. Jacob 46:11
12. Dustin 52:33
13. BattleAxe 53:45
14. Nic 56:40 DFL
15. Tim 56:40 DFL

Congrats Worldwide winners Saschist from Berlin(31:08) and Sabicat from Warzaw(32:30)

View full results here

Thanks Will for the photos! view full set here

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